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Delingha News
Dome A 5-m THz antenna conceptual design to carry out the final review [05/05/2012]
13.7 meters telescope in Delingha , type I methanol pulse ze search research had made important for progress [03/10/2012]
The new radome was successfully installed for the 13.7 m millimeter radio telescope [08/15/2011]
Prof. ZHANG Xiaobing and JIANG Xiaojun from National Astronomical Observatory conducted site inspection at Qinghai Station [07/05/2011]
Trigonometric Parallaxes of Massive Star-Forming Regions. VIII. G12.89+0.49, G15.03–0.68 (M17), and G27.36–0.16 [06/10/2011]
Observing Modes (reference) [06/05/2011]
OTF Test Observation ---NGC2264 [05/15/2011]
Preliminary results of OTF test observations on Aquila Rift [05/10/2011]
OTF observation results of Giant molecular cloud W3 complex [05/09/2011]
The OTF observation of SNR IC443 [05/07/2010]
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Delingha News
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