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Delingha News
CO Outflow Candidates Toward the W345 Complex I The Sample and its Spatial Distribution-v1 [07/03/2019]
The PMO-13.7m telescope discovers an initially collapsing filament [01/17/2019]
Molecular Environments of Three Large Supernova Remnants in the Third Galactic Quadrant: G205.5+0.5, G206.9+2.3, and G213.0–0.6 [04/06/2017]
MWISP Group Reported a 100-square-degree Mapping Result:Molecular Structures of Local Arm and Perseus Arm in the Camelopardalis Region [02/13/2017]
Mapping the local Milky Way [10/08/2016]
Gas Kinematics and Star Formation in the Filamentary IRDC G34 [04/25/2016]
The MWISP Survey Group Members First Reveal the Molecular Structure of Outer Arm of the Milky Way [03/21/2016]
The dynamics and star formation of high-latitude molecular cloud [09/17/2015]
Visit the 13.7m radio telescope in Delingha [08/17/2015]
SUN Changpu (Academician ) visited Delinha station [05/20/2015]
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Delingha News
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