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MWISP Group Reported a 100-square-degree Mapping Result:Molecular Structures of Local Arm and Perseus Arm in the Camelopardalis Region

  Recently, the Milky Way Imaging Scroll Painting (MWISP) group of Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO) reported the molecular structures of spiral arms in the Galactic Region of l=[140,150]°, b=[-5,5]°which is in the Camelopardalis. The result will soon be published in “The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series”. 

  At the Camelopardalis and its surroundings successively locate the Local arm, the Perseus arm, the Outer arm and the Scutum - Centaurus arm. Among them, the gas structures of Outer arm (Du et al. 2016) and Scutum - Centaurus arm (Sun et al. 2015) have already been studied and published using the MWISP survey data. This time, taking advantage of the 96-square-degree data which is in the Camelopardalis Region, the MWISP group mapped the molecular structure of Local arm and Perseus in this region (as shown in Figure 1). Combining HI data and part of the previous Outer arm results, we obtain that the warp structure of both atom and molecular gas is obvious, while the flare structure only presents in atom gas in this observing region. Besides, five filamentary giant molecular clouds on Perseus arm are identified. Among them, four are newly identified. 

  The on-going MWISP survey is the world most sensitive large-scale unbiased 12CO/13CO/C18O molecular line survey up to now. As one of the target region of the survey, the Camelopardalis Region was observed through two years. This is the first time that the MWISP group reports the large-scale mapping result, and also the first time that the mapping of three CO lines with high sensitivity in Camelopardalis. 



Figure 1. Molecular gas mapping in Camelopardalis. The upper left and lower left panels show Local arm molecular gas at different distances; The upper right panel shows the molecular gas on the Perseus arm; The lower right panel shows the whole. The blue, green and red color indicate the 12CO, 13CO and C18O, respectively.Paper linkhttps://arxiv.org/abs/1702.00544 

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